A Change in Thinking Can Positively Change Outcomes

A Change in Thinking Can Positively Change Outcomes

Our Trainer, Sandra Rodney, has received many positive responses in evaluations of her work with IKON Training. Sandra has a strong belief in modelling behaviours to effect positive outcomes and makes these observations from her experiences:


“One thing I have realised in my journey as a Conflict Resolution Trainer is how important it is to raise the energy of the sessions that I deliver. This is easier said than done. Participants can arrive at a training session tired due to long hours of working. They can lack motivation and some may have a perception that this session is going to be yet another stress because they will have to work hard to stay awake.

“At the beginning of a session I always take the time to allow people to introduce themselves to each other. If it is a large group I ask that they give their name and job title plus one word that sums up their feelings about their organisation. The interesting thing is this will always bring a smile or look of dismay depending on how they feel. I then tell them this word must be positive, no negatives are allowed.

“Sometimes they really struggle with this task. It’s worth a reminder that an organisation is only as good as its workers. Those that have negative feelings about their employment can’t expect others to regard their work in a positive way. This all takes time but in using positive language, empathy and really listening you can start to see a shift in energy and body language right in front of your eyes.  By the end of the session they leave smiling and you can see, even in the way they walk out of the training room that something really has started to change.

“The truth is that when we project positivity that’s what we get back – not just in our work but in all areas of our lives.  Of course there are valid reasons for the way some people feel but there are ways in which we can change our thinking to change outcomes. By looking at conflict from the perspective of ‘how can I be part of the change I want to see?’ we stop looking outward and see that together we can start to make a change, by focusing on the issues not personalities. Change is not easy to achieve especially when we have practised behaviours habitually. We sometimes need to step back and look with fresh eyes at what we do so that we the see the change that is required.  In changing your thinking, you can positively change outcomes.”


Thanks Sandra!

Published Monday, September 28th, 2015
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