Are Breakaway Skills Suitable When Working in Social Care?

Are Breakaway Skills Suitable When Working in Social Care?

In any career, there are times when confrontation is inevitable. However, some sectors, in particular, social care, are more at risk of having to manage challenging behaviours which could be physical.


Challenging or aggressive behaviour can occur within any role in Social Care including, residential care homes and day care settings, however, one of the main risk areas is where staff visit or provide care to those in their own homes.


It is reported that more than 45,000 incidents against social care workers have been recorded over the last three years.


Although staff are working with elderly or vulnerable individuals, their safety is extremely important. Breakaway skills are a great way to increase staff confidence and enable those working in social care to disengage from physical contact safely and effectively.


These techniques reduce the risk of harm to staff, other individuals and the individual themselves. When used properly with effective communication skills, Breakaway techniques can quickly defuse and de-escalate challenging behaviours.

 What is Breakaway Training?


Breakaway Training gives you the skills to be able to disengage and break away from physical contact safely and proactively. Whether this physical contact is aggressive, attention seeking or simply a reaction to fear; by having the skills to disengage proactively, you can reduce incidents and risks.


Breakaway training demonstrates how to cope and manage physically aggressive or challenging behaviour in relation to your duty of care.



Why is Breakaway Training Important?


Breakaway Training is primarily extremely important in the role of reducing risks and protecting you and others from potentially physical incidents. Other people who could be at risk are other residents, visitors or in some instances, the public.


Aside from learning the skills, Breakaway Training also raises awareness about your legal rights and responsibilities when managing physical challenging behaviour. These key points are essential to know in an environment where you are at risk.



 Benefits of Breakaway Training?



Become more confident and proactive:

Grow more confident in your role as your knowledge and skills in managing and disengaging from physical contact increase.


Providing you with a safer working environment:

IKON’s simple and effective techniques uphold a therapeutic environment and promote positive witness perception.


Improve teamwork:

Positive mindsets with a common goal. Aligning your team’s skills implements a supportive framework where colleagues can collaborate.


IKON provide effective and memorable Breakaway Training courses as both closed courses held at your business’ location or Open Courses held at our purpose-built training facility in Ipswich, Suffolk.


View our Conflict Resolution and Breakaway training course schedule and further details here.


Enquire about how we can raise the levels of confidence and morale whilst dealing with challenging behaviours here.







Published Thursday, July 19th, 2018
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