Housing Sector Training Courses – Top 5

Housing Sector Training Courses – Top 5

Housing sector employees can face extremely difficult situations when dealing with residents – physical and verbal abuse is all too common. It’s vital that employers make sure their employees are prepared and to receive and resolve abuse effectively. We’ll look at the top 5 training courses that will help make a difference and enable your staff to handle conflict:



1. Conflict Resolution

Without a doubt one of the fundamental communication skills training courses that will give any housing sector employee the confidence to deal with conflict. A study carried out by Inside Housing found that 223 organisations in the housing sector reported 8,898 verbal and physical assaults towards housing staff in the space of just over 3 years, equating to approximately 8 per day across the UK. Conflict can come in all shapes and sizes; personal, emotional, financial or political being examples. Throughout our training, employees are taught that the best way to remove conflict is to resolve and not avoid. Avoidance will only prolong the problem and tension will continue to build between the parties, and should only really be used when a person’s safety is at risk. Conflict Resolution Training, when applied and used in the housing sector, will help your employees to build their confidence to defuse and manage difficult situations when dealing with tenants and obstructive service users.



2. Lone Worker

When considering the scale of assaults that occur in this sector, it is likely that employees will at some point find themselves working alone and in a difficult position. Our lone worker training course will improve personal safety by giving the employee more confidence when working alone and enable the member of staff to effectively assess the risks that they may come across. For a brief insight on how to improve your personal safety, have a read of what Paul, an IKON trainer, has to say.



3. Managing Challenging Behaviour

Our Managing Challenging Behaviour course incorporates physical (Breakaway Training) and non-physical (Conflict Resolution) skills training to enable housing employees to become adaptable to handle members of the public who may be uncooperative. The skills gained in this course can be applied to different sectors but when referring to the housing sector, if an employee is visiting a tenant who subsequently becomes aggressive, they are able to put into action the key skills they learned. If a housing officer visits a resident, it is likely that they will become even more aggressive as they will feel more comfortable and confident in their home – Managing Challenging Behaviour Training can incorporate elements of personal safety when alone.

Conflict Resolution Training


4. Telephone Skills

For housing sector employees, it is highly important to have excellent communication and service skills when talking to a resident, customer or enquirer. To some, the telephone can be seen as a barrier and, like being in their own home, the tenant may feel more confident abusing the member of staff through this method. Our training allows employees to defuse and control situations where necessary, while remaining professional and delivering a high level of service. This, in turn, does not put the reputation of the business into jeopardy.



5. Equality and Diversity

All for one and one for all. No one should be treated differently because of age, race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, marriage status, religion, maternity, or gender. These 9 characteristics are protected by the Equality Act 2010 which ensures that no person, business or organisation can discriminate someone against a personal characteristic. Our training teaches the skills needed to reduce incidents of discrimination and offence, which is usually caused by lack of understanding than malice.




The Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution Training programmes that we provide are intended to make those people working in the housing sector feel safer, more confident and independent. We understand that your organisation may come across different scenarios that aren’t common, which is why we are happy to discuss your needs and can even offer a bespoke session, designed by you and our Training Manager, to suit your unique circumstances.


To find out how we may be able to help your team, or to book a training course, please give us a call on 01473 722924.

Published Thursday, June 23rd, 2016
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