Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is a hotly debated and widely misunderstood concept. Although it is starting to be discussed more openly in today’s society, it nevertheless still comes with a large amount of stigma attached to it, with opinions ranging anywhere from wariness to complete dismissal (the classic “it’s all in your head” being a prime example of the latter). IKON Training believes that these somewhat naïve and often highly damaging misconceptions essentially arise from a lack of understanding, and therefore recommends Mental Health Awareness Training to anyone who works with sufferers of mental health issues.


We think that the website defines mental health well:


“Mental health is the emotional and spiritual resilience which allows us to enjoy life and to survive pain, disappointment and sadness. It is a positive sense of well being and an underlying belief in our own, and others dignity and worth.”


If anyone reading this blog has ever experienced mental health issues themselves, or has a loved one who has, then this description will likely ring as true for you as it does for us. If you do not, however, the gravity of these words might fall flat. Mental health issues can be just as debilitating as many physical ailments, having a significant impact on a sufferer’s:

  • Opinion of both themselves and others
  • Outlook for the future
  • Interpretation of events around them
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Ability to cope with changes in circumstances, and to make rational decisions

As these issues affect practically every aspect of a person’s life, it is crucial that those who are in a position to provide them with support are able to do so effectively, and that they have a full understanding of how important their role is in the life of a mental health sufferer. Effective support can vastly improve a sufferer’s prospects for maintaining stability in their lives; something that everyone should have a right to. Mental Health Awareness courses will help you to:

  • Develop your understanding of mental health issues, including the differences between neuroses, psychoses and personality disorders
  • Identify issues as early as possible
  • Have the necessary knowledge to be able to respond to a range of different situations
  • Make you more effective in your role overall
  • Have a positive impact on the life of a sufferer

Many working sectors – Charity, Healthcare and Social Care in particular – require close interaction with mental health sufferers on a daily basis. If you work with mental health sufferers, or manage a team who does, it’s therefore vital to take measures to ensure that the necessary knowledge and skills are provided for those who need it. With one in four people in the UK (amounting to approximately 16 million) thought to experience mental health issues at some point throughout their lives, you have a real opportunity to reduce this proportion, and give mental health sufferers the chance to lead the balanced, fulfilling and stable life they deserve.


IKON Training offers world-class Mental Health Awareness Training programmes, intended to provide you and your team with the knowledge and skills needed to make a positive impact to the lives of mental health sufferers, and to gain a deeper understanding of mental health issues. To find out more, and to book an in-office consultation or training programme, please give us call us on 01473 722924 or send us a message via our online submission form here.

Published Friday, April 15th, 2016
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