Preparing London with Conflict Resolution Training

Preparing London with Conflict Resolution Training

Finding a common ground between all of the different industries in London is quite difficult but the sectors we work with all have one interest; ensuring their staff are well prepared for their role by having Conflict Resolution Training.

Conflict Resolution Training provides employees with the skills and confidence required to effectively defuse and manage conflict.

A study carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) found that conflict led to a loss of productivity and one in three people quit their job because of lack of resolution. When applied to the City of London business district alone and according to 2014 employment figures from the, this means that 138,200 would quit their jobs due to lack of Conflict Resolution skills.

We’ve worked with companies in Greater London, including Hyde Housing and Elmbridge District Council who found our Conflict Resolution Training course very worthwhile. A delegate who attended Hyde Housing’s course said:


“I learnt a lot about myself and how I deal with difficult conversations.
I have got more knowledge and information on how to deal with things in the future.
Learning the correct terminology is great, the trainer was really good and encouraging.”


By putting your employees through Conflict Resolution Training, not only are you teaching them to resolve and not avoid conflict, you will in turn increase their productivity and make them feel safer and reassured with their job role performance.


How Conflict Resolution Training can help the different sectors in London


Scroll to your sector to see how we can help you.


  • Social Care


When used in this sector, Conflict Resolution can help employees to understand that in this context, challenging behaviour and conflict, is generally as a result of confusion or mental illness and is not a trait of the service user. Our training can give employers peace of mind that their employees are responsible and know how to correctly deal with the conflict that they face.


  • Local Authority & Housing


Through our training, employees will learn to be more assertive when dealing with customers who create conflict. For example, when a housing officer visits a tenant in their own home, the tenant may feel more comfortable with confronting the officer. Confidence plays a major part in how a situation is resolved.


  • Charities


In London there is a diverse nature of the charity sector which results in a number of ways where conflict could arise. When employees or volunteers deal with their users, they must continue to act in a caring manner whilst making sure that the difficult situation is defused swiftly and effectively.


  • Transport


With London being the busiest and most affluent city in the country, there are many transport links which need their employees to be prepared to deal with conflict at a moment’s notice. The unique factor of the transport industry means that employees could be left alone for long periods of their working day and our training equips members of staff with the confidence and responsibility that is required for productive, safe working.


  • Retail & Leisure


Working in the retail or leisure industry will mean that the majority of employees are considered to be ‘front-line’ which can results in more complaints being raised and conflict arising. By ensuring that your employees take part in Conflict Resolution Training, they will benefit from improved employee productivity and confidence in their ability to handle customers from all diversities when trying to resolve conflict.


  • Facilities & Events


Quite often, London will play host to many events which is likely to cause a substantial amount of conflict. Ensuring that your employees take part in Conflict Resolution Training will enable them to confidently and articulately deal with conflict situations with an effective response. Taking into consideration the Facilities sector, if your employees make up a security team, they will be able to calmly and responsibly use the minimum force required to resolve any issues that may arise.



We are extremely proud of our stance towards delivering our Conflict Resolution Training courses. We believe that each course should be bespoke to the sector we’re working with, to ensure that the most is extracted from the employee. If an employee is well prepared, their ability to manage and resolve conflict will increase their productivity and therefore the time spent on each situation.


If you would like to discuss your company’s needs, we’re more than happy to take some time to ascertain how we can help you most effectively. Please call us on 01473 722924.

Published Wednesday, June 29th, 2016
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