Tesco Opens Dementia-Friendly Checkout

Tesco Opens Dementia-Friendly Checkout

Tesco are leading the way by unveiling the country’s first dementia friendly checkout.

The supermarket chain has listened to communities and focus groups to offer a service which would cater to the needs of those affected by dementia, a condition that affects over 850,000 in the UK.

The checkout is clutter-free, has leaflets regarding dementia and memory loss, and boasts a large sign detailing the different types of coin.

Employees who work on the checkout have attended dementia awareness training that was administered by NHS specialists.

This comes after East of England Co-op pledged to become ‘dementia friendly’ last year, when the Anglian retailer raised awareness by educating all 4,600 employees on the condition.

Felixstowe Tesco Store Manager, Darren Walsh, explained “The experience really highlighted to me the isolation and vulnerability that some of our older customers might feel – it’s not just the everyday challenges of shopping, but also the importance of connecting with other people. For some of our customers, we might be the only human interaction they’ve had all week.

“It also made me think about the practical ways that we can make the shopping experience better for all our customers – whether it’s customer service or the process of paying and packing at the tills. I’m certainly going to be putting what I have learnt into practice, and will encourage other colleagues to do the same”.

Both initiatives are in partnership with Dementia Friends, a movement designed to raise awareness of the condition administered by the Alzheimer’s Society. Participating stores place the Dementia Friends logo in their stores and those with dementia will know they will be accommodated to make their shopping trip easier.

A survey found that 23% of sufferers had to stop shopping as a result of their condition. With appropriate dementia awareness training, this number could significantly drop as people with the condition feel welcomed by the stores.

IKON Training looks to improve familiarity of the condition by offering Dementia Awareness Training to employees nationwide. Our workshops will increase employees’ confidence when dealing with a sufferer of dementia, and help to understand the extra steps required to improve the experience a person with dementia faces on a daily basis.

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Published Thursday, October 22nd, 2015
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