Your Train the Trainer Solution

Your Train the Trainer Solution

Trainers or coaches who are suitably qualified can teach another trainer who may be inexperienced in that subject. The aim of a Train the Trainer scheme is to develop the skills and knowledge of another so that they can then deliver that course.

The Train the Trainer model encourages facilitators to discover different styles of learning as well as realising the benefits of setting clear learning objectives and tailoring your content to align with those objectives. You’ll also learn to hone your questioning techniques and encourage delegate participation to create an engaging learning atmosphere.


What are the benefits of Train the Trainer?

Lower upfront cost

The pyramid effect of the Train the Trainer model means that more employees can be trained in much less time, and at a lower upfront cost. This would be without having to wait to confirm dates with an outsourced organisation.

Permanent Skills Transfer 

By investing in a Train the Trainer course, you ensure that there is always a skilful expert in-house who can follow up with delegates until their new skills become habits. This encourages the learning and avoids delegates reverting to their old habits.

Improved employee retention

Your in-house training team can be taught how to be more adaptable and creative. Also they’re shown how to increase the transfer of knowledge and how to morph potentially uninteresting topics into conversational points.  Learning these skills will lead to a boost in employee morale, which often heavily reduces employee turnover.

Avoid workplace downtime

We understand that very few organisations can afford to let large amounts of their workforce out at one time to train. For small organisations, having an internal trainer means that the training can commence around existing staff rotas. Therefore any potential business disruption is avoided.

Offer highly targeted training

Although, we endeavour to understand the organisational structure and culture within each of our clients, an in-house trainer would naturally have a high understanding of both as well as the company’s products and their customer’s needs.

As the trainer will be a part of the organisation, they will also have a wide range of internal examples that they can pull from for the sessions. This means that they are connecting and providing solutions for real situations that the delegates are facing.

Our Approach for Train the Trainer

Cost effective

Some courses delivered in the industry are the same duration despite the trainer prior knowledge and experience. However, we are committed to providing the best possible solution which considers the trainer’s situation and expertise to determine the depth and length of the course. With this in mind, our Train the Trainer packages are even more cost efficient as we do not charge for days that your trainer doesn’t require.

For example, a Conflict Resolution trainer would already understand some of the principles linked with Lone Worker training and therefore would require less training than someone who was new to the theories and experience.

Assessed and regulated

A potential risk of Train the Trainer courses is that, if it isn’t assessed or accredited properly, training sessions can become outdated, or bad habits could be formed. We overcome that by ensuring trainers are peer assessed regularly, re-accredited annually and provide ongoing support throughout.


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Published Friday, October 20th, 2017
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