IKON remains open

We appreciate you might be worried about the impact of coronavirus on your training requirements and wanted to reassure you that IKON’s here to chat whenever you need.

01473 927333 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday info@ikontraining.co.uk

It’s business as usual for us. If needed, we can run sessions with smaller delegate numbers so that training can be completed as scheduled.  Our trainers are fit and well and looking forward to working with your teams to give them the necessary skills to deal with any challenges that may arise. 
IKON remains open and, even if you need to cancel or postpone courses, we’re always pleased to chat. Regrettably any cancellations or postponements made within 10 working days of the training date will be charged at full rate. 
We wish you the very best in the face of the challenges ahead.
Thank you for choosing IKON.

A new way of working with IKON makes training simpler for you


In-house training programmes

The new Retained Resource service from IKON provides organisations with specialist trainers in-house for as long as they’re needed.

‘It’s like having an in-house training team without having to recruit, train or manage it,’ says Louise Ballard.

The idea is that Retained Resource makes it simpler for people to manage training needs, budgets and financial forecasting.

‘After 15 years in business, we decided that it was time to look at how we worked with our clients, not just the training we offered them. We’ve reviewed our service offering and launched some new ways of engaging with IKON.  Retained Resource came directly out of that.’ Louise Ballard explains,

‘Most of our clients work with us on a continuing basis. This is great for us, of course, but we wanted to come up with a service that simplified things for them.’

Retained Resource can be beneficial when an organisation is preparing for an inspection or report because it enables them to demonstrate that the necessary training skills are in place and that top-ups and renewals are prepared for.

‘We believe that Retained Resource will turn out to be an easier and more cost-effective way of buying training and managing budgets for many of our clients,’ says Louise Ballard

New manual helps trainers develop physical skills


IKON training photoshoot in progress with WHATassocates

IKON is creating a new physical skills manual specifically for train the trainer delegates. 

‘At the beginning of the year, the training team came to head office in Ipswich to develop the physical skills techniques manual as a team’ says James Crown, Training and Development Manager. 

Tim, from WHAT Associates, was tasked with taking the photographs of the techniques to ensure the manual is clear and easy to understand. 

James and the team of IKON trainers spent the day working on the physical skills photos. ‘It was really worth while exercise, and the photos are exactly what we need’ James said.

The updated IKON Training Physical Skills manual will become an important part of the Train the Trainer development folder that each train the trainer delegate works through. 

Let’s Talk. For more details on our train the trainer courses give us a call 01473 927333 or click here.

Why made-to-measure training fits best

IKON training candidate attending a training session

When you’re preparing to train your people, you want to be sure that the course content is appropriate to your audience.

If for example, you work in the health sector; health sector case studies and health sector stats will be the most impactful way of illustrating the points you’re making.
Same goes if you’re training people in education; you need real examples from real schools to bring the points you’re making to life.

IKON’s bespoke training packages combine two or more course modules in a way that is most appropriate to your sector. IKON’s team helps you choose the right modules and then identify the case studies and statistics that will provide the most powerful way to get your message across.

IKON’s bespoke packages can be further refined, down to a specific role or working environment of the delegates taking the training.

‘Bespoke definitely works best when it comes to delivering a training message,’ says IKON’s Jason Keeley. ‘If, for example, you want to get a message across to a team of midwives, then incorporate midwife-specific content. If you’re working with train guards, demonstrate that you understand the real situations in which they work.’

IKON has chosen 2020 to launch a new suite of service offerings to clients. Bespoke packages are already proving popular with clients.

‘Bespoke is the sort of thing that we’ve always tried to do on an informal basis,’ explains Jason Keeley. ‘Now we’ve worked on the structure and developed proven ways of adapting content so that it best fits our clients’ needs.’