Why Choose IKON Protect

Provide reassurance to nursing staff and relatives
Relieve staffing pressures
Reduce security call outs
Minimise incidents


IKON Protect provide 24-hour on call specialists to closely monitor patients to support and enhance your existing observation and bedwatch system. With a strong ethos and exceptional training in de-escalation and managing challenging behaviour we believe this is the most appropriate service available to manage vulnerable and challenging patients when they become disruptive and make it difficult to deliver good care safely.

We will provide a safer working environment for healthcare professionals and reduce the risk of injury to patients, carers, staff and visitors.  IKON Protect enable your staff to spend more time with other patients and increase the feeling of calm on the wards as well as increasing patient safety.

IKON Protect will recruit and train healthcare staff with the skills to manage aggressive and violent patients in a therapeutic, sympathetic and compassionate manner to enhance the existing services provided whilst reducing patient’s hospital stays where possible.

Specialist Training

IKON Protect’s team will work alongside existing security teams and medical professionals to provide a seamless intervention in serious issues relating to challenging behaviours. IKON Protect Specialists will be healthcare trained and experienced and will be equipped with specialist knowledge in specific areas relating to challenging behaviours.

  • Detox & Withdrawal
  • Dementia Awareness
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • First Aid
  • Conflict Resolution & De-escalation Techniques
  • Disengagement & Restraint Techniques

Provide Reassurance to nursing staff and relatives

Our staff will manage the patient’s behaviour, so the clinical staff can concentrate on care.

Evidence suggests that an aggressive/challenging patient can occupy more nursing time than the rest of the ward combined. Let our staff take that burden so that the care can be shared evenly.

Relieve staffing pressures on the ward by reducing aggressive behaviour

Patients being occupied will allow staff a more even share of their valuable time. Our staff are trained in de-escalation skills as well as reminiscence therapy. They will always have cards and games to keep patients busy. There is strong evidence that busy patients will sleep better at appropriate times.

Reduce security call outs

Security staff attending vulnerable patients can cause a longer, more sustained period of challenging behaviour. IKON can instil principles of positive behaviour support, having a focus on preventive strategies, including de-escalation, commonly referred to as ‘positive behaviour support’

Minimise incidents

Violence and aggression is increasing in clinical settings. Our staff are trained to manage incidents professionally so that your clinicians can feel safer and more confident. Our staff are trained to a higher standard around de-escalation and safe holding for times when nothing else will work. We can provide multiple Specialists and additionally work alongside your trained staff with collaborative techniques.

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