New NHS Bullying and Harassment training course

NHS Bullying and harassment training course, Kings College Hospital London

IKON’s new NHS Bullying and Harassment training course has been created to help people working in the NHS understand what is acceptable behaviour in the workplace.

‘We’ve read an increasing number of NHS staff surveys that show that there are people who don’t feel safe at work,’ explains Jason Keeley, IKON Training’s Managing Director. ‘At the same time, they’re not confident about speaking up or whistleblowing because they’re afraid of jeopardising their careers.
Our Bullying and Harassment course clearly defines the issues and the laws that surround them. It also explains the hows, when and whys around incident reporting.’
IKON works with more than 40 NHS Trusts across the country and uses this experience to create courses and training programmes which are appropriate to the needs of those people who work in the NHS.

‘Currently, it seems as if all NHS staff are feeling the pressure of budget cuts and restricted resources,’ says Jason Keeley. ‘This pressure has a number of ways of showing itself and some individuals seem unable to behave in ways that are acceptable to those working with them.
This course has been designed to help them build a working culture around kindness, consideration and respect for others.’