Some of our clients have been trained in communication and physical skills, including Conflict Resolution Training all the way to Physical Intervention Training in a care context. Due to the nature of working in the charity sector, our lone worker training has also proved valuable. IKON Training can offer combined courses that focus on working alone and personal safety.

For the Employer

Charities can sometimes deal with challenging behaviour, whether that be as part of its mission, or a consequence of the support they offer. Businesses will have peace of mind in the knowledge that IKON Training provides employees and volunteers with the skills required, whilst reinforcing the policies and guidelines of the business.

For the Employee

Employees and volunteers benefit from a safer working environment, equipped with the correct tools to defuse conflict in a caring environment. Due to the diverse nature of the charity sector, employees and volunteers can benefit from the vast backgrounds of our trainers who provide real-life case studies and relevant expertise.

For the Public

Customers, clients or service users will see responsibility and care given to them in all areas of the industry. Customers, service users, and the public will see a duty of care given, along with a friendly and responsible atmosphere; whether it be in a care service or in a retail setting.

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