Our clients have found great value in our conflict resolution training, and taken away concepts that have aided their communication skills with adults.

For the Employer

Academic and vocational institutions benefit from employees who understand how to effectively and correctly handle conflict in the form of threats, violence or aggression. The education sector contains a diverse community, and our training offers employers the peace of mind that all members of the learning community understand communication skills. Employers can also benefit from an improved company reputation as institutions are seen to be developing their workforce.

For the Employee

Employees will be able to handle situations with parents, guardians or adult learners with assertiveness, control and respect. Communication between working departments will improve as employees have greater communication skills and promote an open and honest working atmosphere.


For the Public

The public – in this context learners, family and guardians – are ensured that employees are responsible, take control of situations and offer professional support and guidance from an outside perspective.

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