Our communication and physical skills training equips workers with the vital skills needed to undertake a higher risk role at the front-line of personal and customer safety. Alternatively, our training offers lower risk members of the team the skills required to communicate effectively in the event of a conflict situation.

For the Employer

The employer will benefit from a team of employees who work more productively and safely. Facilities and events contractors will develop a stronger relationship with their clients due to a more positive company image. Employers with in-house facilities teams will earn a dedicated and highly skilled team who can respond to conflict, violence or aggression safely and promptly.

For the Employee

With the communication and physical skills necessary for their job role, employees will be able to work with less stress and more motivation. More motivated employees will confidently and articulately deal with conflict situations with an adequate and proportional response. Employees in a security role will be able to calmly and responsibly use the minimum force required to resolve issues.

For the Public

The public will see communication and physical skills reduce the amount of conflict or aggression, and therefore feel safer. Customers may see a high-quality security team in place that can confront conflict effectively and professionally.

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