With specialised trainers who are experts in this field, IKON Training can offer an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and context surrounding the sector. We have developed change management training programmes, improved telephone communication skills, and established fair, assertive and professional conciliation skills.

For the Employer

Following our conflict resolution training, employers and managers will have peace of mind in the knowledge that their employees have the skills necessary to effectively communicate with the public. Whether they’re face-to-face or on the phone, employees will be able to understand conflict at work.

For the Employee

The employee can feel assured that they have the communication skills required to fully take responsibility for their role. With an understanding of the importance of diversity in communication, employees will be able to adapt to each situation they may face in their working day. Employees can be equipped with assertiveness skills, but in a tactful manner that doesn’t suffer their customer service ability, but instead enhances it.

For the Public

The community will benefit from a team of employees that understand their needs, and are willing to offer them the best possible service. They will see a consistent message from the employees and a service that always offers a solution.

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