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The NHS, as we know, have strict rules and regulations that must be followed at all times; not just for the safety of their patients but also to make sure the employees are kept as safe as possible at all times. Since IKON Training formed in 2004, we’ve delivered training sessions to over 50,000 NHS employees. The learning outcomes of any NHS Conflict Resolution Training must adhere to the NHS Protect guidelines, be rest assured that our learning outcomes do just that – in fact, the five aims of NHS Conflict Resolution Training are our learning outcomes, and it therefore falls in line with Skills for Health UK Core Skills Training Framework.

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Why choose IKON?

Our team recognise the challenges that healthcare employees face and are very experienced in designing and producing bespoke packages for NHS employees. We work 5 days a week so are always on hand for support and advice if you need us to be there and some of us are recognised in the field as ‘industry leaders’ and have spoken at conferences, discussing Managing Challenging Behaviour and Conflict Resolution.

What do we Offer?

All NHS employees that are trained by us will receive a course booklet to take away with them to enable them to do some unguided learning, a certificate of attendance to add to their training file and telephone coaching following the training session. This will give the attendees an opportunity to ask our training team any questions they may have and to give them some further support when they are given the chance to implement what they’ve been taught. Our team will submit all paperwork to you within 5 working days of the training date. You will also receive full training reports which summarise your team’s views on the session and any recommendations we advise going forward.

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NHS Conflict Resolution Training

NHS Protect states that Conflict Resolution Training is a key measure to protect NHS staff, and those who deliver NHS services, from violence. This type of training is mandatory in the NHS and should be monitored, reviewed and evaluated according to employees’ risk of facing conflict. According to the NHS Protect’s “Conflict Resolution Training: Implementing the Learning Aims and Outcomes” guidelines, some of the factors which suggest the need for Conflict Resolution Training in the NHS, are:

  • Legislation
  • Regulatory Framework
  • The NHS environment
  • Skills for Health “Core Skills Training Framework” for the health sector

As The NHS Conflict Resolution Specialists, we are best-placed to deliver the training course that is mandatory for all NHS employees. Our NHS Conflict Resolution Training will give all employees the confidence to handle difficult situations where conflict is present.


Physical Skills Training

IKON Training also offer a suite of physical skills training courses designed as an advancement of NHS Conflict Resolution Training. For example, at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, we worked in partnership to create a Restrictive Physical Intervention team to ensure that individuals with challenging behaviours were treated with respect, care and dignity within the therapeutic environment.
Another Physical Skills Training course that would benefit NHS employees, is our Breakaway Training session. This course is designed to teach employees skills to disengage from physical violence in a successful but safe manner. We work to ensure that no part of our Physical Skills Training is taught so that injury is inflicted to the person we are disengaging from.


What now?

The chances of you knowing what training you need for your employees are very high. With the NHS being so vast in terms of the variety of services that it offers, it is also quite likely that you will require NHS Conflict Resolution Training that is tailored to specific departments. IKON Training can help with that.

Our team are more than happy to meet with you face-to-face or have a chat over the telephone to talk through your options. Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, we’re here for you on 01473 722924.

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