We know that effective communication skills training can reduce incidents, and we have seen a reduction in reported incidents in many of the places that we work.

Our Conflict Resolution Training leads to more productive employees, which results in a higher level of care and money saved on handling complaints and the escalation of incidents. Because we also offer Managing Challenging Behaviour Training to the Private Healthcare sector, we can also deliver training that helps to deal with patients who may not be communicative.

For the Employer

Employers will be able to see incidents reported accurately, and fewer incidents of aggression and violence. This includes with patients, members of the public and conflict with other employees. In turn, this will benefit the reputation of the business and improve the company profile.

For the Employee

With the tools necessary to handle conflict, aggression and potential violence properly, employees can feel assured that they can deliver the best service to patients and members of the public. Employees can be given the chance to develop and up-skill themselves to gain further confidence in their profession in a wide range of courses, from Conflict Resolution Training to Dementia Awareness Training.

For the Public

The public will feel safe that employees can handle conflict effectively. Friends and family of patients will see that employees can manage a conflict situation in a therapeutic and caring way, which will enhance the level of service, in turn increasing membership and company reputation.

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