For the Employer

Benefits to the employer include peace of mind that all employees can responsibly and correctly deal with challenging behaviour in a multitude of contexts. Employers can be assured that their employees are safe, and prioritise personal and client safety.

For the Employee

The employee will benefit from a knowledge and understanding of conflict and challenging behaviour. They will have the ability to resolve conflict professionally and in the therapeutic environment. Employees will understand that in this context challenging behaviour is generally a result of confusion or mental illness, and not a trait of the service user. Employees will be provided with the necessary communication and physical skills to care for patients from a range of background including mental health, dementia, intoxication, detoxification and withdrawal.

For the Public

Service users, carers and family will be reassured that the employees are working safely and with a high quality of care. Even in a conflict situation, employees will still provide a care-focused service, even if physical intervention is required to calm a service user. Relatives and visitors will understand that physical interventions are only used as a last resort, and when they are used, they are non-harmful, safe and effective for de-escalation of a situation that could harm the service user or others.

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