Staff spotlight

Paul, trainer at IKON

Paul Turner, IKON trainer


Paul started working for us in January 2021, he tells us a little bit about himself…

My role at IKON Training is a company trainer, my main role is to work alongside James Crown, Training and Development Manager, on the Suffolk County Council Contract within the Children’s Homes, but I also deliver Conflict Resolution, Managing Challenging Behaviour and Lone Working courses.

I joined IKON at a time where things were uncertain due to the pandemic, but was very impressed by the IKON Live remote training sessions the company had recently started.

I have been training for seven years, but all face-to-face sessions, so IKON Live was very new to me, but after three months of IKON Live remote training sessions this is definitely the way forward.

IKON Training is a very much family-feel company, when I had my interview I came out of the office and phoned my wife and said I want this job I have a very warm and happy feeling about this company.


Family mean the world to me, making memories and planning futures.

Paul’s three children 


I give 100% in everything I do. I might get things wrong, I might annoy you, but I learn from mistakes and improve.

I take on board what people say and always do my best to improve as a person. I’m relaxed, don’t get stressed to easy and like a challenge.

I love my football so spend my weekends training my teams, I have set up a football club where the children play for free and and I love watching cheesy 80’s films! I dislike not having time to spend time with my family.

Life is my greatest challenge 😊 no matter how perfect life seems to be life has a great way of moving the goal posts every day is a learning day!