A new way of working with IKON makes training simpler for you


In-house training programmes

The new Retained Resource service from IKON provides organisations with specialist trainers in-house for as long as they’re needed.

‘It’s like having an in-house training team without having to recruit, train or manage it,’ says Louise Ballard.

The idea is that Retained Resource makes it simpler for people to manage training needs, budgets and financial forecasting.

‘After 15 years in business, we decided that it was time to look at how we worked with our clients, not just the training we offered them. We’ve reviewed our service offering and launched some new ways of engaging with IKON.  Retained Resource came directly out of that.’ Louise Ballard explains,

‘Most of our clients work with us on a continuing basis. This is great for us, of course, but we wanted to come up with a service that simplified things for them.’

Retained Resource can be beneficial when an organisation is preparing for an inspection or report because it enables them to demonstrate that the necessary training skills are in place and that top-ups and renewals are prepared for.

‘We believe that Retained Resource will turn out to be an easier and more cost-effective way of buying training and managing budgets for many of our clients,’ says Louise Ballard

Access Community Trust Case Study


Access Community Trust promote social inclusion for the community benefit by preventing people from becoming socially excluded, relieving the needs of those who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society.

They provide a range of services for young people and adults including housing related support, helping with learning, development and employment and providing support with mental health and wellbeing.

Their cafés offer employment and volunteering opportunities for young people within the community and support them with skills development and experience. 


They came to us to provide support and training in order to manage aggressive behaviour in a positive and confident way. Some of the people they support demonstrate some chaotic and aggressive behaviour and Emma Ratzer, Access CEO wanted staff to be able to deescalate effectively and understand body language to ensure good outcomes wherever possible. They sourced IKON via our contract to supply this type of training for Suffolk County Council. We have been their approved supplier for over two years and the amazing feedback from this contract had captured Emma’s attention


We produced a training program based on their own risk assessments, policies, procedures and incident reports as well as a consultation period with key people.

The course we produced; Managing Challenging Behaviour for Lone Working provided a range of skills to manage challenging behaviour whilst prioritising staff safety. 

By the end of this training their staff will be able to 

Understand their lone worker policy, identify behaviour that indicates an escalation towards violence, avoid, or calm and defuse situations and explore lone worker strategies and guidelines to promote safer practice.

They have commissioned one course per month for 12 months in order to train all frontline teams. 

Following the first course, the feedback was fantastic. 

All the delegates were satisfied with the training they received and would recommend the course to colleagues. Delegates comments included, ‘would recommend to others and ‘very enjoyable and insightful. Would recommend to all staff.’