Venue Hire Terms & Conditions

Venue bookings are accepted on the terms set out in this document. When completing and submitting our online booking form you have accepted IKON Training’s Venue Hire Terms & Conditions.

Special requests for additional items to be supplied for bookings should be made in writing. We will confirm if we can meet these requests in writing. We accept no liability for being unable to provide additional supplies or equipment.

Parking is available within Three Rivers Business Centre free of charge. There are five parking spaces located outside our venue and overflow parking is located behind Beatons Group.

You are held liable for any loss or damage to our property caused by you or anyone attending your training. We reserve the right to invoice you for the full replacement/repair cost.

We cannot accept any liability for the loss or damage of any property that is situated or left on our premises.

Payment is due 14 days prior to your venue hire date. All prices are excluding VAT.

IKON Training Venue Hire Rates:

IKONs venue is available seven days a week between 8am to 6pm

  • Monday to Friday AM 8am-1pm £75 + VAT
  • Monday to Friday PM 1pm-6pm £75 +VAT
  • FULL DAY £120 +VAT

You can cancel your booking up to 14 days prior to your hire date, after this payment is non refundable but can be allocated to another date.

In exceptional circumstances we may have to cancel your reservation. We shall only do so if:

  • IKON Training is closed due to fire, flood or other circumstances beyond our control
  • You have failed to pay a previous invoice for venue hire by its due date
  • You are declared bankrupt or become insolvent

If we do cancel your reservation for any of the above reasons, we shall refund any advance payment you have made but shall have no further liability as a result of the cancellation.