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IKON Training

It’s the IKON way

Our skill in helping people learn to manage challenging and aggressive behaviour at work has made us one of the leading conflict resolution and conflict management specialist training providers in the UK.

IKON Live – adapt, direct, deliver

IKON Live bespoke remote training delivers live, face-to-face training direct to device so that your people can access courses they need without having to go into a classroom. It’s the Covid-safe way of meeting your training requirements.

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We can adapt course content to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

Because people matter

IKON has a higher proportion of employed trainers than most other providers. Our people are expert in delivering course content and as committed to the success of your training as we are.

At our head office in Ipswich, dedicated account managers provide support and advice whenever you need it.

IKON training benefits

  • Sector-specialist trainers employed by us
  • Modular courses tailored to your needs
  • Support through CQC and HSE inspections
  • Comprehensive audit trails
  • Course outcome reports within five days
  • Regular professional feedback and advice
  • Next stage recommendations

IKON makes it easy for you to get the help you need.

Best practice and legislation are continually evolving. That’s why we continue to develop the services we offer:

Course delegate attending a conflict resolution and challenging behaviour management training course with IKON

Stand-alone courses

IKON’s individual training course modules are tailored to the sector  in which you work so that they best suit the specific challenges you face.

Bespoke training packages

You can combine the content of more than one course module to build a bespoke package tailored to your needs.

Conflict Resolution Training, Kings College Hospital London

Retained resources

Get the benefit of an in-house training team without having to recruit, train or manage it.  IKON’s retained resource service makes it simpler to scope training needs and to prepare for inspections or reports. It can also be a more cost-effective way of buying training, managing budgets and forecasting.

We listen to our clients

We decided on a Train the Trainer approach and had the pleasure of working with James as our trainer. His approach, knowledge (and patience!) was really appreciated and helped the team immensely in learning new skills and techniques. Support following the programme is excellent. The impact the change has made to our training is pretty impressive. Moving from a chalk and talk one size fits all approach to CRT, we now have two levels of practical training based on levels of risk. Feedback on the programmes is always positive, attendance has increased significantly and our trainers are delivering training that they enjoy as they receive great feedback from the staff attending our courses.


Mike Moore
Head of Leaning & Development